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finding inspiration

Posted on Nov 23, 2010 by in inspiration, people | 2 comments

A recent trip to the deYoung Museum in San Francisco both inspired and humbled me. Some of the textiles displayed in To Dye For: A World Saturated in Color were breathtaking, both in their inherent beauty and in the intricacy of their workmanship. Unfortunately photography was not permitted in the exhibit, so I have no photos to share. But if you live in the area and have not yet seen the show, it’s there until January 9th.

One thing I was able to photograph while in the museum is a group of Ruth Asawa‘s sculptures, beautifully lit and contrasting with the concrete wall against which they are hung. The shadows are as much a part of the experience as are the sculptures themselves.

sculptures by Ruth Asawa at the deYoung Museum in San Francisco

The museum itself is a work of art (photos), and a trip to the top of the observation tower is always worthwhile.

a portion of the 360° view from the tower at the deYoung Museum on a rainy San Francisco day

delightfully contrasting textures in one of the gardens at the deYoung Museum

I’ll be back there soon, to soak in more of the beauty and inspiration.


  1. your photos make me want to visit. and asawa’s work!

    • Yes, isn’t her work stunning! Let me know if you journey in this direction and I’ll tell you of other places to visit too.