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indigo overdye

Posted on Aug 19, 2011 by in natural dyes | 3 comments

Recently I did a quick experiment with over dyeing some bright yellow yarn that Nancy (aka SwknitsMN on Ravelry) had sent me in exchange for some indigo seeds. Nancy had dyed the alum-mordanted wool with Buckthorn berries, a plant that I am not familiar with, but which is invasive in some parts of the country. It certainly yields a nice strong yellow, which worked well with the indigo to give the yarn a deep green color.

Wool dyed first with Buckthorn berries and later over dyed with indigo to yield a deep green

Now I will be digging through my stash to see what other interesting colors I can create by over dyeing!


  1. This colour is amazing… 🙂 I have been dyeing with crowberries in the last few days (grey and brown)…

    • Thanks! It was a fun experiment, and I look forward to trying more over dyeing. I am not familiar with crowberries. Will you be publishing photos on your blog?