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Dustin KahnAn artist at heart, I earn my living as a graphic designer in Marin County, California. Throughout my life I have experimented with a number of creative pursuits: quilting, watercolor, ceramics, natural dyes, knitting, photography, mosaic… I also love to garden.

My current creative focus on natural dyes is a blending of my love for both plants and textiles, which is the main content of this blog. I want to thank two of my teachers — Dorothy Beebee and Rebecca Burgess — for inspiring me and bringing the joy and beauty of natural dyes into my life. Since then I have had the opportunity to attend workshops taught by a number of other talented teachers, including Michel Garcia, Aboubakar Fofana, Buaisou, Alissa Allen and Ana Lisa Hedstrom.

And since 2016, my friend Heidi Harris and I have been hosting a fiber arts school called West County Fiber Arts at Heidi’s home in Sebastopol, California, featuring many wonderful teachers from around the Bay Area and beyond.

I have been keeping this blog up to date (although I hope to do so soon), but you can see what I am up to on Instagram: